We utilise AutoVu license plate recognition (ANPR) systems these make it easy to capture number plates, locate vehicles of interest, allow authorised access to premises and enforce parking restrictions.

anpr and the use of access control for a car park
Enhance Your Security

Every day, thousands of businesses spanning the private and public sectors are struggling to improve the quality and convenience of the car parks on their premises. Smart Parking has a simple, cost effective and reliable system that can be catered to the specifications of both the site and the business requirements.

anpr camera system for car parks
Maximise Parking Efficiency

ANPR works through the use of cameras that are specially designed to detect the licence plate of vehicles entering and exiting a car park. … Limited free time parking, such as the first three hours being free which reverts to paid parking for longer stays.

Kris Miller, Courier, 30/11/13. Shoplifting investigation. Picture shows banks of CCTV screens in the Fife Area HQ in Glenrothes Police Station.
Empower Law Enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is used to help detect, deter and disrupt criminality at a local, force, regional and national level, including tackling travelling criminals, Organised Crime Groups and terrorists. ANPR provides lines of enquiry and evidence in the investigation of crime

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR camera systems used to be exclusive to Border Agencies and the Police. In todays world we are now able to install ANPR camera systems for the commercial and public sector to manage, monitor and display ANPR data for car parks, municipal sites, Town and City Centre as well as our relationship with law enforcement while extending our market into garages, journey time systems, road surveys and ANPR Access Control for gates and barriers.

Number Plate Reading is a commonly used technology, the reading and storing of metadata captured from passing vehicles. This data can be used to enable easy searching of recorded CCTV footage as well as building an understanding of traffic flow through a site, housing estate or road works.

There are ANPR systems that can also encrypt licence plate information and store this information in a format that can be used for traffic surveys where the original source data number plate information is not in a format that could be used to identify individual vehicles.

When considering any system that stores additional Metadata for example colour of vehicle, type & make and registration mark it is important to make sure proper consideration has been made to the security of this data, data retention policies, information requests and data access policies.


Factors to decide on when choosing Access Control

What are the benefits of an ANPR Camera Installation?

    ANPR systems can remove the need for parking tokens or fobs for car parks that use automated gates and barrier systems. The result is a faster flow of traffic with reduced administration requirements.
    Monitor the speed of vehicles through controlled areas to reduce the risk of an accident and improve health and safety.
    ANPR system installation can provide businesses and logistics hubs with a wealth of valuable information such as the number of visitors, entry and exit times, busiest periods, dwell times and more.
    Eliminate the need to manually patrol car parks and provide increased security and revenue with an ANPR system that ensures every vehicle has a valid ticket or permit 24 hours a day.
    Provide enhanced security by automatically screening vehicles in areas such as airports, schools and border control. Real-time alerts can be set for known target vehicles and an advance notice can be delivered to reception or security with a full audit trail.
    An ANPR system can inform you when customers arrive and even provide them with a designated parking space.